Until the second half of the twentieth century, plastic art in Herzegovina was realized in architecture and as such gained reputation and recognition worldwide. There were no major sculptors. Florijan Mickovic from Mostar, graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts;department of Plastic Arts, and was among the first to start promoting the tradition of Croatian statutory art in Herzegovina.
Judging from the number of sculpture he created and his exhibitions in the country and abroad, he is prolific artist. Wood is his predominant medium, through which he expresses himself most freely and personally, in realistic and abstract forms. It apparent from this exhibition, although we are limited to only few examples of part of his works, on the crossroads between figurative and abstract, in which we sense both the material and the author. When one speaks about wood or works in wood, we seldom think of it as something that used to be living. It seems that Florijan Mickovic feels that intuitively. In these sculptures, he seems to complete what nature and life were not able to, after the tree had been cut down. The artist follows the tree's forms (in the trunk he chose), primarily by following its natural vertical orientation, drawing out or adding vertical figures and groups. Faces and bodies are rather discerned then given precisely and distinctly.
The sculptor refrains himself from intervention in the material, but when he considers it necessary, he tries to be as unnoticeable as possible. The chisel emphasis the contours, i.e. the trunk's "intentions", working out the natural protuberances or recesses, the way erosion of life would do. Cuts and sharper strokes resemble scars. The final impression is an organic wholeness of form and material. A sculpture from inner life, it is a consequence of the tree's growth into a sculpture. The scraping of the bark (of which we are not aware) is the sculptor's most drastic, though unavoidable act, because it brings out the meek interior, the tree's core and essence. It is a kind of stripping and breaking into the living form's intimacy.
This unavoidable drama of creation is quieted by Florijan's composed nature, his gentlenessand ability to work in the nature's rhythms, until he achieves a harmony of intimacy in his works.